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Since 2005, our members have held, nurtured and fed the newborns in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Grady Hospital.  This weekly ministry is one of our most enduring outreaches.

Our chapter has participated in several special projects at Grady, fulfilling our mission "to find a need and fill it".  We provided rocking chairs and wheelchairs to transport moms to and from the special needs nursery. We decorated the NICU Family Waiting Room and added a bookshelf of coloring books for waiting siblings. In honor of National Preemie Month, we donated newborn items for a baby shower for new mothers. We provide informational booklets outlining essential information for newborns being released from the NICU. We donate mini-layettes for new mothers throughout the year.

Stemming from a special request from NICU, CCSA members sewed 37 custom "Giraffe Covers -- blankets that cover preemie's isolates to provide darkness and noise reduction to ensure growth and healing.

The Grady Rockers Outreach requires an application, interview, background check/health screening, and orientation.

Grady Hospital is located in downtown Atlanta and serves a large number of low income patients.

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