One of the main focuses of our organization is children’s literacy. We have created several outreach programs to support children’s literacy in the Atlanta area. 

Classroom, Library & Staff Support
We provide volunteers for the classroom, staff, and library to our outreach partner St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School.  Our volunteers are available to work in the classroom or support the staff for a variety of projects in the school. We also support the library at the check-out desk, shelving, covering & repairing books and maintaining the bookshelves.

Summer Enrichment 
We organize and fund a Summer Enrichment Program at St. Peter Claver which help students retain skills over the summer break. Students participate to boost reading comprehension, critical thinking skills and review vital math concepts. The goal is to show sustained or increased levels in reading and math over the course of the summer.

In our "Let's Read!" program, we collect new and used children's books and donate these to many of our outreach partners. We work with community partners to hold and promote book drives to support this program.  We have installed community bookcases with several of our outreach partners and keep the bookcases stocked year-round. 

We currently deliver collected books to:

  • Grant Park Clinic*

  • Grady Hospital Family Waiting Room

  • Pregnancy Aid Clinics of Roswell and Forest Park

  • A Beacon of Hope

  • Mercy Care Clinic, Chamblee*

  • Good Samaritan Health Center

  • City of Refuge*

*Denotes the location of community bookcases.

How Can You Help?

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