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2021 Donors

Patti and Jim Anhut

John Anhut and David Phillips

Barbara and George Arkedis

Annemarie and Bernie Boehnlein

Christy and Dan Carroll

Maureen Conboy

Mary Pat and Mike Davis

Marcia Dunn

Karen and Jim Girardy

Patrice Hawkins

Beth and Scott Hazy

Patty Hene

Maura and Jim Kelly

Casey and Jeff Long

Sally McNulty

Barbara Miller

Kara and David Miller

Karen and Tony Morakis

Kris and Jim Moravek

Julius Parrella

Kevin Parrella

Susan Reinhard

Hendie and Darryl Salton

Patrick Stoughton

Toni and Warren Stoughton

Carol and Jim Tally

Anne Teddlie

Kathy and Greg Thompson

Kathy and Brad Wilson

Terri Wortham


Our programs

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Our Mission:

Christ Child Society of Atlanta is a non-profit organization serving underprivileged children in the Atlanta area and is open to people of all faiths.

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Christ Child Society of Atlanta

PO Box 88705

Atlanta, GA 30356