• Katy Asip

Atlanta Chapter Receives National Award

The Atlanta chapter is the winner of the 2019 National Day of Service Award for the Make a Difference: Inspire me to Learn campaign! The Christ Child Society of Atlanta held "Fall on the Farm" on Friday, October 25th at the Children's Development Academy (CDA), which provides early learning programs and childcare for preschool children in the metro Atlanta area. Christ Child Society volunteers served 150 children ages 12 months to five years. Nine classrooms circulated through stations where they read stories, sang songs, made barn crafts, and visited a petting zoo. The Little Red Mobile Petting Farm provided a miniature horse, miniature cow, miniature goat, sheep, rooster and bunny for the children to brush and pet. The Atlanta chapter purchased 150 books; one for each child at the CDA to take home for their parents to read to them.

The National Day of Service Award Committee congratulated the Atlanta chapter on "outstanding efforts" as our "farm themed activities at the Children's Development Academy more than met the listed criteria for the $500 award. The review committee wished they were there to pet the animals at the petting zoo!" We also received congratulations on being recognized by the Georgia Bulletin with a full-page article. The prize money will go toward the purchase of new books to improve childhood literacy in our community.

Children from low-income families are less likely to have access to books and more likely to start school academically behind middle-class children. In effort to remedy that, Christ Child Society chapters across the country held events as a national service initiative. This enabled more than a thousand volunteers to come together and demonstrate the impact volunteers can have on their communities by inspiring children to read and learn in an interactive, positive way.


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